Pastificio Gaetarelli

An environmental friendly company

Respect for the environment
from process to product

With its 50 years of experience, Pastificio Gaetarelli is a modern enterprise both for its organisation and (mostly) its production standards. Corporate ethics regards products, production processes and environmental protection as equally essential, and believes that they all require excellence. Plants and equipment are all state-of-the-art and specifically designed for Gaetarelli. Important investments have been made in machinery to ensure the environmental sustainability of production.

Respect for the environment in the production of fresh pasta.

The production process includes thermal treatment to ensure that residual bacteria in the products are reduced to the minimum admissible. The plant heat loss is limited to very small surfaces and the different treatment zones is calibrated with high accuracy; this allows to achieve an energy saving greater than 30% and a drastic reduction of CO2 emissions. The plants are constructed in eco-compatible materials. From process to product, in either case utmost attention is paid to the environment: recyclable packaging materials, short supply chain and no artificial colours, preservatives, chemical additives or hydrogenated oils. All this is driven by the corporate values that place people and their commitment to excellence in production at the centre of the business.
In 2012 Pastificio Gaetarelli signed an agreement on renewable energy.

Tortelloni alla ricotta e spinaci Quadrucci alla carne Sfogliafine prosciutto crudo Tortellini alla carne Ravioloni ai funghi porcini
Medaglioni agli asparagi e pecorino Medaglioni al radicchio e Asiago Quadrotti rustici con speck Ravioloni ricotta e spinaci Tortelli al Bagòss
Tortelli al Tremosine Tortellini Valeggio Tortelli di zucca Bigoli all'uovo Garganelli all'uovo
Maccheroncini all'uovo Pappardelle all'uovo Pasta sfoglia lasagne Tagliatelle all'uovo Tagliolini all'uovo
Casoncelli alla Bresciana Tortelli al Salmì di Cervo Tortelli al Trentingrana Ravioli al pecorino e basilico Ravioli al salmone e mascarpone
Casoncelli con salsiccia e rosmarino Tortelloni ai cuori di carciofi Tortelloni al brasato al barolo


The gourmet love the products by Pastificio Gaetarelli: you will therefore find our pasta in the most exclusive restaurants, food stores, etc.

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Gaetarelli products enrich the tables of the best restaurants of Northern Italy

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Gaetarelli products can be found in the refrigerator section of the best retail stores

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