Pastificio Gaetarelli

Pasta fresca liscia

Our smooth fresh egg pasta was born with the idea of pasta as a daily pleasure.

Just a few simple and selected ingredients together with a skilful production process guarantee coarse yet thin bronze-drawn pasta sheets which "welcomes" any type of sauce. This fresh pasta is thin, cooks in only a few minutes and maintains all its flavour, consistency and fragrance. Pastificio Gaetarelli pays utmost attention to the search for and selection of both traceable and certified suppliers and raw materials: very fresh eggs from Italian farms, blends of the best quality durum or soft wheat flours to make consistency and flavour truly special.
No GMOs, preservatives or artificial flavours.
Fine pasta, every day.

Bigoli all'uovo Pastificio Gaetarelli prepares this pasta, typical of the Veneto region, only with premium quality semolina and eggs. The manufacturing processes ensure the typical taste and flavour of homemade pasta. The pasta stays firm after cooking and the coarse surface enhances any type of sauce. continue »
Garganelli all'uovo The shape of this traditional pasta from Emilia recalls the neck of a chicken, which in the local dialect is called "garganel". It is ribbed so as to perfectly lock in any sauce. Pastificio Gaetarelli produces this pasta with passion, artisanal care and only first quality ingredients. Savour it over and over again, each time a pleasure like the very first time. continue »
Maccaroncini all'uovo The traditional short Italian pasta prepared by Gaetarelli with first quality eggs and wheat. With the consistency of homemade pasta, these maccheroncini lock in the flavours turning any sauce into something really special. continue »
Pappardelle all'uovo Premium quality eggs and wheat together with Gaetarelli’s passion and tradition create a worldwide renowned pasta original from Central Italy. It is ideal for rich sauces such as those prepared with wild meat or game and for a gastronomic experience that deserves the best. continue »
Pasta sfoglia per lasagne Using the original recipe from the Emilia region and through careful selection of absolutely top-quality raw materials, Pastificio Gaetarelli makes the perfect lasagne pasta sheets. You, your fantasy and your passion will add that final touch for a lasagna made just like that of a top-class chef. continue »
Tagliatelle all'uovo The best wheat and eggs for an all-purpose dish. Thanks to the selected ingredients and care paid to every detail, Pastificio Gaetarelli rediscovers a traditional dish: tagliatelle, the perfect shape for any type of sauce. continue »
Tagliolini all'uovo Pastificio Gaetarelli’ s tagliolini are produced only with the best quality ingredients and artisanal care to obtain a sheet thickness which is absolutely perfect. It is ideal for both delicate and flavourful sauces. Your creativity makes the difference. continue »
Tortelloni alla ricotta e spinaci Quadrucci alla carne Sfogliafine prosciutto crudo Tortellini alla carne Ravioloni ai funghi porcini
Medaglioni agli asparagi e pecorino Medaglioni al radicchio e Asiago Quadrotti rustici con speck Ravioloni ricotta e spinaci Tortelli al Bagòss
Tortelli al Tremosine Tortellini Valeggio Tortelli di zucca Bigoli all'uovo Garganelli all'uovo
Maccheroncini all'uovo Pappardelle all'uovo Pasta sfoglia lasagne Tagliatelle all'uovo Tagliolini all'uovo
Casoncelli alla Bresciana Tortelli al Salmì di Cervo Tortelli al Trentingrana Ravioli al pecorino e basilico Ravioli al salmone e mascarpone
Casoncelli con salsiccia e rosmarino Tortelloni ai cuori di carciofi Tortelloni al brasato al barolo


The gourmet love the products by Pastificio Gaetarelli: you will therefore find our pasta in the most exclusive restaurants, food stores, etc.

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Here are some recipes to give you hints and ideas to make the most of Pastificio Gaetarelli’s excellent fresh pasta.

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Gaetarelli products enrich the tables of the best restaurants of Northern Italy

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Gaetarelli products can be found in the refrigerator section of the best retail stores

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