Fresh Pasta and Stuffed Pasta

"Le Specialità": filled pasta specialties

The perfect roughness and thinness of the pasta sheets with a soft consistency stuffing and a unique harmony of flavours.

"Le Specialità" range was created by selecting the best products from Pastificio Gaetarelli's stuffed pasta: products that combine the traditional art of sfoglia (pasta sheets) and a special care in the preparation of the stuffing.

The aim of "Le Specialità" is to enhance the taste and typicality of tradition. The return to ancient flavours is enhanced by the excellence of the manufacturing process.

“Le Specialità” range consists of a careful selection of the best typical local products. It is the result of a passionate search made over and for the territory, a return to local culture and gastronomic tradition. Precious recipes with an ancient heart are hence born: typical cheeses of the valleys of Trentino, Veneto and - most of all - Lombardy, selected cold cuts, meat and vegetables, all certified and exclusive, authentic DOC – DOP or DOCG products, increasingly appreciated and renowned worldwide.

Tortelli di zucca A rich stuffing with an intense and aromatic flavour of ripe pumpkin and crunchy pieces of amaretti biscuits. continue » Tortelli di zucca
Ravioloni ai funghi e porcini A creamy stuffing made with whole pieces of pan-fried porcini mushrooms for an intense mushroom flavour. continue » Ravioloni ai funghi e porcini
Medaglioni alle punte d'asparagi A sharp-flavoured soft, rich stuffing with pieces of asparagus and freshly grated pecorino cheese. continue » Medaglioni alle punte d'asparagi
Medaglioni al radicchio rosso e Asiago A soft and flavoursome stuffing with red radicchio and flakes of DOP Asiago cheese. continue » Medaglioni al radicchio rosso e Asiago
Quadrotti rustici con speck Traditional buckwheat pasta sheets wrapping an intense spicy flavoured stuffing of smoked speck ham of Trentino Alto Adige, smoothed out with creamy fresh ricotta cheese. continue » Quadrotti rustici con speck
Ravioloni ricotta e spinaci A traditional recipe with a delicate creamy stuffing of fresh ricotta, pan-fried spinach and freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. continue » Ravioloni ricotta e spinaci
Casoncelli alla bresciana A typical recipe from the Brescia tradition for these casoncelli with a rich full flavoured stuffing of mixed just grated matured cheese typical of the area. continue » Casoncelli alla bresciana
Tortelli al bagoss A rich soft stuffing with a strong and typical flavour of matured Bagòss cheese, wrapped in a thin sheet of fresh pasta. continue » Tortelli al bagoss
Tortelli alla formaggella di tremosine A unique recipe born from the exclusive collaboration with the Caseificio dell’Alpe del Garda dairy, with a luscious stuffing of their skilfully mixed best cheeses. continue » Tortelli alla formaggella di tremosine
Tortellini speciali ricetta tipo Valeggio Solo ingredienti genuini come uova, farina e sale. Un delicato soffritto di cipolle e carote , vino rosso per insaporire, una spolverata di Parmigiano ed ecco che I freschi tortellini sono pronti da gustare. continue » Tortellini speciali tipo Valeggio
Tortelli Trentingrana Handmade fresh egg pasta filled with Trentingrana cheese. continua » Tortelli Trentingrana
Ravioli al pecorino e basilico Handmade fresh egg pasta filled with pecorino cheese and basil. continua » Ravioli al pecorino e basilico
Ravioli al salmone e mascarpone Handmade fresh egg pasta filled with salmon and mascarpone. continua » Ravioli al salmone e mascarpone<
Casoncelli salsiccia franciacorta Handmade fresh egg pasta filled with sausage and rosemary. continua » Casoncelli salsiccia franciacorta
Tortelloni alla ricotta e spinaci Quadrucci alla carne Sfogliafine prosciutto crudo Tortellini alla carne Ravioloni ai funghi porcini
Medaglioni agli asparagi e pecorino Medaglioni al radicchio e Asiago Quadrotti rustici con speck Ravioloni ricotta e spinaci Tortelli al Bagòss
Tortelli al Tremosine Tortellini Valeggio Tortelli di zucca Bigoli all'uovo Garganelli all'uovo
Maccheroncini all'uovo Pappardelle all'uovo Pasta sfoglia lasagne Tagliatelle all'uovo Tagliolini all'uovo
Casoncelli alla Bresciana Tortelli al Salmì di Cervo Tortelli al Trentingrana Ravioli al pecorino e basilico Ravioli al salmone e mascarpone
Casoncelli con salsiccia e rosmarino Tortelloni ai cuori di carciofi Tortelloni al brasato al barolo


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